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Recent Clients

The Changing Role of Leisure in Retirement. April 2015.
Air New Zealand
Member of research team to examine techniques for reducing stress associated with long international flights
Asia Pacific Center for the Study of Leisure Hangzhou
Research Fellow
Australia Centre for Work, Leisure and Community Research and Parks and Leisure Australia
Delivered a series of speeches in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth
Carton Donofrio Partners, Inc.
Short website talk on the value of play and animation for Playworld Systems website
Destiny USA. Syracuse, New York
Invited Participant, Thought Leader's Summit, planning innovative shopping / leisure complex in Syracuse, New York
ECORYS Research and Consulting, Rotterdam, Holland.
Ideation and interviews concerning tourism development of harbor area of Almere, Holland
Hampton Inns
Spokesperson and Advisor to "Year of a Thousand Weekends" campaign. media campaign
Hilton Family of Hotels
Member Leisure Time Advocacy Board
National Park Service
21st century relevance: Increasing visitor and partner participation by reflecting the diversity of America National closed circuit TV workshop to 350 National Park Service sites
National Recreation and Park Association.
Commissioned Paper on the Role of Parks and Recreation In Promoting Physical Activity
Northeast Region National Park Service
Directed study of trends which may affect the Northeast Region of the National Park Service
Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion
Invited Participant. Think Tank on Childhood Obesity
Playworld Systems, Inc.
Advisor on Trends. Also helped conceive, develop, pilot test and market LifeTrail, a physical activity system for older adults.
Resources for the Future.
Commissioned Paper: Outdoor Recreation and Health: Understanding and Enhancing the Relationship
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Directed five-city study of relations between active leisure, use of local government recreation and park services and personal health among older adults.
Second World Leisure Exposition
Consultant, Second World Leisure Exposition, City of Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China.
Wroclaw, Poland Academy Advisory Committee to EXPO 2012 bid
Speech and ideation to the Expo bidding team and International Bureau of Exposition members, July 2007. Wroclaw and Krakow, Poland.
Wuxi Tourism Board, Wuxi, China
Ideation and speech concerning development of tourism in Wuxi.